Welcome To Saturn Rewards!

Ever wonder exactly how this company came to be?

Saturn Rewards was created after Justin Spencer, the founder of this company drove down a back road in rural Pennsylvania in July of 2015. As he was driving down this road, he seen something in the distance. As he got closer, he realized it was a medium sized dog. The dog was extremely thin and had no collar. It looked sick, scared, sad and depressed. After assuming someone dropped this innocent animal along the road (since it was literally in the middle of no where) he called a shelter and they took in the dog immediately. This dog was very dehydrated. It was extremely hot out that day and no creek or stream was nearby. Its at moments like this that you begin to realize that there are truly some heartless people in this world. How could anyone do that to their dog?

So what exactly is the goal of Saturn Rewards?

The goal is to help animal shelters get the money they need so the thought of reducing services, refusing animals or worse yet, closing entirely never has to be a reality. Animal shelters rely on donations from individuals, businesses and in some cases, their local government. But as the economy declined, so did the donations for most shelters. And that's money shelters simply can't miss out on. But have no fear, Saturn Rewards is here!

Saturn Rewards gives you more bang for your buck!

Donors can purchase a dental discount plan for only $5 when they make a monthly donation of $20 or more. Normally, an individual would spend $18 a month on a plan like this for their household. Then theres the Magazine Discount Plan. With this program, a donor can purchase magazines for as little as $3! Each month, donors will be able to save up to $20 on their favorite magazine(s.) Thats up to $240 a year in monthly savings. Its quite impressive. Donors will also receive quarterly updates to show them the progress of our company. This will allow them to see how much their local shelter has raised and how much Saturn Rewards made in fees. And the cherry on top, each donor will receive our free annual calendar. Our dog and cat calendar is mailed out early December. We also plan to add other benefits such as national discounts and discounts for at the veterinarians office. Its work in progress. 

Show your love for animals by donating today!

If you're passionate about animals, and you want to support them, supporting your local animal shelter with Saturn Rewards just makes sense. Every day, you will wake up happy knowing your dollars are being put to good use. Animals are innocent and deserve our respect and our love. Here at Saturn Rewards, we truly believe that no pet should ever be homeless. Thank You!

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