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Now Available: Dental Discount Plans

Hey Animal Lovers! At Saturn Rewards, we are always looking for ways to reward you. And what I am about to announce just goes to prove that. Now, when sign up to donate $25 or more a month, you will receive a FREE Dental Discount Plan that will cover your entire household. It will help you to save up to 65% at the dentist. This plan is administered through Careington International. If you already have dental insurance or a dental discount plan, you have two choices: you can cancel what you already have and take advantage of this free offer. Or you can email us and reject this benefit. Please note that when you donate $25 or more, we will...

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Introducing Jeannine Gailey

Hey Animal Lovers! Saturn Rewards, LLC is proud to introduce Jeannine Gailey. She is the new Director of Animal Shelter Relations and co-owner of the Saturn Rewards brand. Her job will be to overlook relations with animal shelters. If they need any assistance with the program, shes the one to contact. She will also enroll animal shelters into the program.  Being a former executive director of her local humane society, she has the experience needed for this job. Her love for animals has fueled her career. Together, Jeannine and I will work together to make Saturn Rewards the fastest growing and most popular animal shelter fundraising firm in the USA! Sincerely, Justin SpencerFounder & Co-OwnerSaturn Rewards, LLC

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Website Now Viewable

The Saturn Rewards website is now officially viewable for both animal shelters and donors. Though we don't officially launch and wont begin to enroll animal shelters until February, viewing our site and learning about us is now a possibility. Thank you for all the continued interest and support! -Saturn Rewards, LLC

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