Our Fee Structure

How much does our shelter receive?

I know your expecting a page filled with all kind of small print terms and conditions. Not with Saturn Rewards. Our fee structure is as simple as they come.

Donations With Perks

 Donation Plan  Shelter Receives
 Silver ($25 Monthly)  $17
 Gold ($35 Monthly)  $26
  Platinum ($45 Monthly)  $35

Donations Without Perks

 Donation Plan  Shelter Receives
 Silver ($25 Monthly)  $22
 Gold ($35 Monthly)  $31
  Platinum ($45 Monthly)  $40


The sweetest thing, you never pay us a dime. Ever. Donations are submitted to you within five days of the donation being made. You can do what you do best and take care of the animals. And we will do what we do best and raise you the funds you need.

These fees pay for the following services and benefits:

  • Credit card processing
  • Annual Calendar(s)
  • Free Annual Magazine Subscription
  • Donor Perks (Dental Discount Plan, Magazines and/or T-Shirts)
  • Saturn Rewards Branded T-Shirt(s) (for all Gold and Platinum Packages)
  • Mailing "Thank You" cards for each donation processed
  • Monthly and end of year summary for all donations made to your organization
  • Newspaper Advertising (free for the animal shelter!)

Pretty simple, huh? Yeah. We think so too!